REALnorth Opportunities Fund ("REALnorth") has acquired four properties for its portfolio.
The Carter Industrial Property was acquired in September 2014 for $6,200,000 and sold in August 2018 for $6,750,000. It is approximately 10.1 acres, zoned industrial and located in central Prince George, BC. The property was leased to Transforce Inc., one of the largest trucking companies in Canada.
The Garrison Landing Residential Property was acquired in May 2015. It is approximately 29 acres, zoned residential and located in northwest Fort St. John, BC. This property was acquired with an intention to subdivide and develop into approximately 153 single family building lots. To date, 55 lots have been substantially completed and 39 of those lots have been sold.
The FSJ Industrial Property was acquired in September 2015. It is approximately 17 acres, zoned industrial and is located in northeast Fort St. John, BC, near the regional airport. This property was acquired on a joint venture basis with an intention to sell to end users or build to suit. It is comprised of four separate lots, with each lot accessible by rail and with City servicing readily available.
The Aurora Acreage Property was acquired in October 2015. It is approximately 144 acres of vacant land which at the time of acquisition were located immediately adjacent to the current northeastern city limits of Fort St. John.  This property was acquired on a joint venture basis with the intention to develop over time. In 2016, the City of Fort St. John expanded its boundary, with the result that the Aurora Acreage Property is now included within city limits. The Aurora Lands are currently in the Agricultural Land Reserve.

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